Hello and welcome.

My name is Brianne Glover and I am a Communications graduate from Lehman College in New York City. Based out of Los Angeles, I am a writer and social advocate looking to work with like minded people. I am interested in opportunities working in film and television, journalism and content marketing. I would also be interested in environmental conversation and social justice.

As a personal assistant I ran errands, scheduled meetings, and created travel itineraries. As a television library researcher I logged information into various news databases, labelled and organized incoming footage, and worked with producers to find media. Spring 2016 I took part in a digital marketing apprenticeship with COOP, where I learned new marketing skills and sharpened old ones. I am a published author who has written articles for both the Bronx Journal and  Nerd Caliber. I have interned as a post-production assistant and as an assistant to a location manager.

In my personal time I have collaborated with others on small projects including documentaries, shorts, comedy and burlesque acts, and photo shoots. I am knowledgable in Photoshop, Microsoft Office, and other Mac/PC softwares. I have a range of skills and experiences in administrative and production assisting, recording sound, copy writing and editing, social media campaign management, and press.

Take a look at my resume and my work for more information about my expertise.